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Body Bar AQUAFLEX 48" 20lb with Wall Chart AF20Cover.jpg
Price: $41.99
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This Body Bar AQUAFLEX 48" bar supplies a maximum of 20 lbs of resistance when flexed. It is recommended for most users and is by far the most popular model of the Body Bar AQUAFLEX.

The AQUAFLEX Bar is the same as the versatile Body Bar FLEX, but redesigned for use in water fitness classes.  The bar is very lightweight, flexible, and buoyant.  Plus, its variable resistance adds to the natural resistance of the body’s movement through the water for a very effective workout.


Using many of the same moves as in Body Bar FLEX exercise programming, the AquaFLEX Program is an effective low-impact workout for developing muscular strength and endurance, core conditioning, and dynamic flexibility, as well as being a fun and unique way to exercise in the pool.

This workout provides a nice challenge and is not available with any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today!

Includes an AquaFlex wall chart.


Length - 48"

Weight - 27oz

Resistance - 20lbs

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