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The Classic 
Body Bar®

3lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB03 - tn.jpg
Price: 29.99
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4lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB04 - tn.jpg
Price: 31.99
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6lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB06 - tn.jpg
Price: 34.99
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9lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB09 - tn.jpg
Price: 39.99
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12lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB12 - tn.jpg
Price: 49.29
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15lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB15 - tn.jpg
Price: 54.59
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18lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB18 - tn.jpg
Price: 68.99
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24lb Body Bar Classic
B-BB24 - tn.jpg
Price: 88.99
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30lb Body Bar
B-BB30 - tn.jpg
Price: 116.99
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36lb Body Bar
B-BB36 - tn.jpg
Price: 134.99
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